Improving Moodle’s Usability and Course Interface

Our team at the Online Campus has been working to improve the overall experience for our students from re-engineering the learning process to retooling the technological platform. This included a redesign of the LMS (Learning Management System) to make it more useful, easier navigate, heighten student success, and better communicate our brand. As the software developer for our systems, the task feel to me to aid in accomplishing these goals. The process included creating a new template for Moodle along with several other plugins to enhance functionality. The final result received positive feedback from students and faculty alike. Here is what the student sees:

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Moving a WordPress Site

Moving a WordPress site from one domain to another is fairly easy. You copy the files and then the database from the old site to the new site. Once done, you have to go through the database and replace all references to the old domain to the new domain. So, for example, “” becomes “”. You can do this either by making the changes in the MySQL dump file before uploading to the new database. Or, you can use a find and replace within MySQL across the database.

In doing this, however, you discover your WordPress site isn’t working or doesn’t look the same. You may wonder what happened and have to spend hours fixing the problems.

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